Intern for an award winning Chicago based artist, author & philanthropist that is launching a boutique movie production venture primarily focusing on 3D cartoon animations. This a great opportunity to gain real world experience and add quality content to your resume / portfolio.

Production has already begun on 3 films that are full of creative storytelling, dynamic characters and narratives told from unique voices. These 3 films are the start of a production empire that will bring value to the film industry by presenting movies that go against the generic Hollywood monopoly template and instead foster insightful captivating stories.


You will learn:
As an intern you will learn what it really takes to work on an independent production.
As an intern you will learn how to break the barriers that limit access into the creative industries.
As an intern you will learn from a self-made successful artist that has done things his own way.

2D / 3D Animator
– You will engage in assisting supervision of the 3D animation aspect of the film
– Your animation abilities should be rooted in your understanding of physics and principles of timing as it pertains to cartoon animation.
– Provide examples of your work in line with this.
– It is key that you have quick, witty, bouncy playful style combined with an introspective in-depth passionate undertone.
– Must be a great collaborator; you must have the ability to take on and understand the direction of the narrative and produce writing aligned with collaborators.
– Provide examples of your work in line with this.
– You must be a visionary with the ability to transform and transcend concepts in ways that are unique, fresh and engaging.
– Micro and Macro focused. You must be able to address minute details while keeping the larger direction in mind.
– Provide examples of your work in line with this.

Skills you will need to have:
High creative intelligence
– You will need to be able to think outside the box
– Create trends, not follow them
– Provide insight that is fresh, exciting and thoughtful
Self-directed – Must be able to manage your own tasks without needing supervision.
Skill level – You must have at least solid intermediate to advanced skills in the software, platforms and abilities you showcase. These skills must be competitive and lack elementary attributes.

To apply: Jeff Mullins | Mr.jmullins85 [at] gmail [dot] com
1: What is your favorite mainstream 3D animation – why?
2: What is your favorite indie 3D animation – why?
3: Include a strong portfolio of your work.

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