Maxwell Emcays presents a new body of work that shows identity through his “Flag Series”. The series motto is “celebrating sovereign individualism within the collective”.  The new collection juxtapositions portraits in relation to a flag reference as a means to highlight representation and identity through color and portraiture.  The goal of this exhibit is to encourage and provide opportunity to young talent while showcasing a new body of work that speaks to identity and representation. 


Contest Rules. 

  • Parent or Guardian must submit on behalf of contestant
  • Ages 11-16 (This requirement is flexible)
  • Submit 3 samples & bio. 
  • 8-12 Students will be selected for the show 
  • Art supplies
    • 1st Place. $500
    • 2nd Place $300
    • 3rd Place $200
  • Selected students will create an original work to fit the theme of the final exhibit. Max size 20” x 20″


Artist Name:
Parent / Guardian:
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About the artist:
Artist Birthday Date:
School or Program :

Upload 3 clear images of your artwork 

Art Piece 1:
Art Piece 2
Art Piece 3
1 sentence about the art uploaded: